Early surprise under my broody! whoot new babies - bad pics -but pics!

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  1. I was expecting my 11 mille fleur d'uccle eggs I got from a fellow BYC to hatch friday August 6th - that would be day 21...So I go this evening to check on the eggs one more time before I left the silkie hen alone till Friday - and...there are EIGHT [​IMG] [​IMG] yes EIGHT babies under her! With 2 more eggs pipped! 8 hatched successfully, and 2 pipped - out of ELEVEN SHIPPED eggs... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    blurry pics but it was getting late when I took these pics.


    Promise better pics tomorrow!

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    Wow, congratulations! [​IMG] That's fabulous for shipped eggs!!
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    So exciting. Congrats!
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    Hip, hip, hooray!! How exciting [​IMG]

    I just received my shipment of eggs and they will be under my broody in about a couple of hours. I can't wait...she has been sitting on unfertilized eggs for about a month and half now...poor thing!
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    WOOOT!!! How awesome! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. Well there are 9 chicks, the other that pipped apparently just got too tired during the night and was dead awhile ago when I checked. I candled the 11th egg and no movement in there either - opened it up and chick had apaprently died in egg since I had last candled Sunday - never had pipped or tried - but was nearly fully formed.

    So I have 9 chicks! Though this last one to hatch looks shaky and not too sure how he/she will do but is sticking with mama broody silkie (Taffy) - so we'll see.


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