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16 Years
Jan 26, 2007
central Ohio
Don't forget to participate in the Earth Hour Energy Conservation Awareness thing tonight from 8:00PM -9:00PM. Check out Google for more...
LOL my DH told me about that last night, and guess what? Our power went out twice last night for 30 mins and then 1 hr. We still plan on participating though.
Sorry, no can do. If I shut off my power for any length of time, my electric company will just raise the rates because they didnt get enough $$ from me this month.
As it is, it's so dark in the house, we can barely find our way around as it is without stubbing our toes.
Unless I am in a room or cooking int he kitchen the lights are off and I use spiral bulbs to conserve, bc bills are just way too high.
I had this discussion with my wife. It looks like a rain dance to me. She says that they're "raising awareness". I say that everyone is already aware, they're just unwilling to make the somewhat difficult sacrifices right now when they can just let their grandchildren make extreme sacrifices instead.
if i turn of the electric for heating i just pay later reheating the house. plus my kids wont let me since the kids choice award is on and i have the bator running. I believe more in carefully saving energy ALL year long. turn down temp in the winter or dont run the AC in the summer as much. Buy local, recycle, get appliances fixed instead of throwing away...
this event is like being vegetarian for 6 hours and then eat junk food the rest of the day..
I was wondering what was significant about today. I have seen people turn helium balloons loose all day. I wonder how environmentally responsible they think that is? They have to pump that helium into tanks, manufacture the balloons and transport that junk. What goes up must come down maybe even in a body of water. I wonder how many animals will get tangled in the balloon strings. Many people talk a good show but just do not think. I try to reduce my impact year round. I am not going to mess up all my efforts by littering with those balloons on Earth Day.

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