earthquake in northeast/anybodys' chickens noticed?


8 Years
Aug 7, 2011
west virginia
5.9 quake on the 23rd. Apparently it was all around me - I am on thewest side of the appalachians, and they felt it in Charleston as well as north in Morgantown..I felt nothing and both my husband and I were chatting with a neighbor..the only thing different that day was my broody hen did not come off the nest at all that which had me concerned. I work my day around her schedule to make sure she gets her foodand water, and sometimes a treat if she wants (ripe tomatoes a strawberry,and apples and such), usually she comes off her nest at 130 or 230, eats ravenously, dust bathes, eats some more and goes back within a half hour.
That day nothing..I had half a ripe tomatoe in my pocket(so nobody else would get it before her) I checked on her and there she was, broody in a trance, nothing amiss...then I heard about the quake at 2pm...gotta figure that may have affected her, next day and today, business as usual.
Anybody else notice a change in their chickens?

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