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    Oct 1, 2016
    I have a big pot that I use for gardening and I recently found that there are a BUNCH of earthworms. I heard that if you feed earthworms to chickens they can get gapeworm but apperently a lot of people do feed themas treats. Is there any way to make sure the earthworms are safe to eat? btw. the worms are in a gardening pot. Thanks!
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    I don't know about gapeworm, but earthworms are a known carrier of tapeworm. Best not to.
  3. Eating earth worms or slugs can cause worms....If your birds are healthy and kept in a clean coop with proper feed...Worms are never an issue....I have never wormed a Chicken, Ever.....

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    I don't go out of my way to feed things that can be secondary hosts of parasitic worms.
    Earthworms can be hosts for both gapeworms and short tapeworms as well as stomach worms and capillary worms.
    Those have to be present in the soil for the earthworm to pick them up.
    I've only wormed about 3 birds in my life that fecal samples showed had them.
    Whether one worms or not is largely a function of location. With a cold dry winter but a wet spring and summer they can be a problem here. If one lives in Canada, it may never be necessary.
    If one lives in warm moist climates like the gulf coast or the tropics, a regular worming routine may be the best course of action.

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