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  1. Slotred

    Slotred In the Brooder

    Feb 11, 2011
    My four black australorps love earthworms. Every morning I get the rake (and they start running towards me) and turn the big leaf piles along my lot line. Each hen can eat hundreds of worms every day. As long as I dig, they eat. I don't suppose I'm overdoing it, am I? It is great fun watching them and listening to them purr as they gobble worms. They are great little birds, and they have given me much pleasure. Anyone else dig worms for their flock?

  2. Kuntry Klucker

    Kuntry Klucker 8 Years

    Jun 9, 2010
    Tennesee Smoky Mts.
    No, I don't dig worms for my flock, but...when it rains and the worms come to the
    surface I love to watch them go around the yard eating all the drowned out worms.

    It is so funny, when once gets a worm the other chase her around the yard, I guess that is what
    is called the chicken keep away game. All we need are goal posts and it could almost be chicken
    football. [​IMG]
  3. knotty

    knotty In the Brooder

    Aug 24, 2011
    I have a couple of worm colonies. I thought that my chickens would love them. No such luck. They love cockroaches, spiders and beetles but they have no use for earthworms. You're lucky.
  4. Slotred

    Slotred In the Brooder

    Feb 11, 2011
    My girls went through a phase when they didn't like worms, but now---MAN, can they eat worms!

  5. maggiec1951

    maggiec1951 In the Brooder

    Oct 30, 2011
    west central florida
    As much as my girls go gaga for mealworms I thought that they would really like earthworms. Went to the garage and got the shovel and dug up 2-3 each for my 5 girls. The silly little things turned and ran. Not a single taker. Looked at me like I had gone completely off the deep end. BUT, if they are free ranging and find an earthworm they can't get it down their gullets fast enough! Must be one of those "I'll do it myself, Mom" things.[​IMG]
  6. SIMZ

    SIMZ Crowing 7 Years

    Apr 29, 2011
    Northwest Indiana
    Mine LOVE worms! All I have to do is yell "Girls!" and look towards the garden and they come running. I often stand like a dork in my garden digging worms for them - I'm sure it's caused those passing by to do a double-take. It's just so fun to watch them all try to be the first one to grab a worm. [​IMG]
  7. Slotred

    Slotred In the Brooder

    Feb 11, 2011
    Looking like a dork is something I'm beginning to get used to. Most folks think I'm nuts for having chickens, but I'm learning to get past worrying about what people think. My girls are better company than many of my friends.

  8. grawg

    grawg Chirping

    Aug 31, 2011
    East Tennessee
    Oh wow y'all are crazy... digging worms for your birds... gone off the deep end. Kinda sad to read about probably once sane people going bonkers. I would never do something like that. I bet you have a special "worm" call for the girls too [​IMG]

    Whats that in my hand? oh nothing...I umm just found them...


    It's always reassuring to know I'm not the only dork out there digging worms for my girls.
  9. annep

    annep Songster

    Mar 4, 2011

    My girls come running when they see me with the shovel..They know what that means...One gets so excited, I have to nudge her away from me because she practically stands on my feet waiting!

  10. kjfrogster41

    kjfrogster41 In the Brooder

    Jul 30, 2011
    Belfast, ME
    Funny about earthworms. I have the same reaction as Maggiec1951. The girls seem to have a disconnect between meal worms and earthworms. I have tried all manner of ways to entice them in to eating earthworms. We have so many in the garden. Nothing works. What's funny is any thing else that crawls or flies around them gets gobbled up, but earth worms, no. Is it because I didn't start them on earth worms when they were much younger?

    I would also like some more suggestions about treats that help keep weight on during the winter.


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