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Dec 21, 2018
Jewell County Kansas
My temporary brooder cage, which i am using until the wooden one is done tomorrow has a small corner knocked out when i cleaned it for use for the chicks instead of Tilapia.

So it should work during construction right? After all they are only 16 days old or so.

While fixing mom breakfast, i kept hearing this chirping and just could not figure out why the chicks were being so loud. They had fresh water and I had just refilled their feed before going to the kitchen so they should have been quite content.

So i go back down the hall and into the room the chicks are temporarily in while the hatching shed is finished up. As I peak into the tote I see that they all are standing at the far end, chirping madly. Going back to the computer and sitting down it dawned on me that there was only 9 in there instead of 10. looking over my shoulder there is the tenth two feet away, standing and looking at me as if to say, "Well, what are you waiting for I want back in."

Pick up the chick and place her back with her fellows I shake my head and think, well the brooder should be finished in a few hours so this won't happen again.

Fast forward an hour as i go back into the house to make sure they stayed put and this is what I saw
Bad chickie, no mealworms

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