East Central LA/ MS line. 4 RIR Layers for sale. 10 mos old


Mar 4, 2021
Pointe Coupee, LA
WILL DEFINITELY CONSIDER TRADES (Doesn't have to be chickens or even livestock)
Four Rhode Island Reds. Purebred, not barnyard mutts.
Raised from day old chicks, now laying large Organic brown eggs daily.
Excellent free rangers. Very healthy. They come when you whistle.
Hens have ONLY eaten Organic, NonGMO, No soy, No corn feed since day one.
They have Never been sick, Never been injured. Never had antibiotics, or treated feed, or chemical wormers.
They free range on a pesticide/chemical free, organic property and stay in a highly secure, insulated hen house at night.
They're let out just after sunrise and run back in to lay their eggs in nest boxes. None of them lay eggs outdoors in the dirt.
$60 per pair. Won't Sell Single.
Won't sell to anyone who locks them in a cage all day, every day. (Large run is cool). They deserve better than that.
I'm not desperate to sell. Only willing to sell becasue one (or more? they all look alike) recently started bullying my poor old pacifist cat who is smaller than them and won't defend herself.


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