East Coasters...what are you doing about the hurricane?

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    I have never been through a hurricane with chickens and ducks, what should I do. I have a movable coop so I plan to move it up against the house so it hopefully will not blow away. The duck shelter is heavy enough it should be fine. any suggestions? I can not put the animals in the basement due to a real threat of flooding. They say this storm could last for days!
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    My biggest fear is trees coming down on my coops or dog pens. In the storm of 10/29/'11 a large maple tree came down on the house and we were without power for 7 + days. I have the generator cranked up and am just waiting it out - somewhat anxiously. Here in NJ the worst is supposed to be Mon. night until Tues. I think that you will get hit a little later = hopefully it dissipates by the time it gets to you.
  3. Not an east coaster, but I can give some advice. Can you put the chickens in the duck shelter a few hours beforehand? Or put all the poultry in the chicken tractor and move that in a safe place in the house? if neither, reinforce the chicken tractor. If I were you, I would actually have the poultry inside, upstairs if it floods, because the yard might start flooding. Hope this helps! Keep us updated!
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    I absolutely can not put the ducks and chickens together anywhere...lol. The ducks are fairly new additions (rescues) and the chickens pick on them (literally) like crazy. Anyway, now I am being told by an old timer do not put them in the coops, absolutely not. Leave them free so they can go where they need to to be safe. leave the coop and shelter open and cover it with secured tarps but do NOT lock them in.
  5. makes sense to me, but putting myself in your shoes, I would feel better if they were in the house. Perhaps put the ducks in a makeshift pen in one room and put the chicken tractor in another. But do whatever you feel comfortable with.

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