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    I realize there are various threads that mention South Dakotans seeking other poultry rearing South Dakotans, but with our state being so stretched out and distance being an issue, I thought it might be nice if we established a regionally based thread for "West River" and "East River" South Dakotans.

    Outsiders may not understand, but the term is known by all South Dakotans, so I figure it should work to help divide up our BYC group and help us network!

    So calling ALL East-River Birders!

    West River Birders can find West River's thread here https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/643257/calling-all-west-river-south-dakotans
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    Dec 10, 2011
    I'm East River. And a Newbie. :)
  3. SouthDakotan

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    I'm not much "older" than you on BYC. I'm still getting used to the format. I know Facebook system better. But I'm learning.
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    Notice to anyone in eastern South Dakota (or elsewhere willing to travel to eastern South Dakota). A breeder in East River (not me, but someone I know) said she wants to cull her excess drake (duck) population. She has some Silver Appleyards, Alyesbury, Muscovies, Rouen and Saxony drakes she is looking at selling.

    She is asking $5 for the smaller breeds and $6 for the large breeds.

    She also sells pairs for breeding purposes.

    I am able to provide her contact details for anyone interested.
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    Mar 27, 2012
    I'm in East River too! Currently poultry-deprived but working on that! ;)
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  6. SouthDakotan

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    Hello Nancy, what part are you in? DId I read something saying you were in Wessington Springs? Or was that someone else?
  7. NancyWicker

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    Mar 27, 2012
    That's me! I have a tiny little slice of heaven here in Wessington Springs :)
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    Wessington Springs is such a little treasure nestled off the beatin path! You are lucky to be in such a jewel of a community. So you are getting back into poultry? Or new to the venture completely?

    I am "getting back into it" sorta. I reduced my numbers of birds to just two ducks last winter so as to remodel the coop. Gave my young (1yr old) hens to a young family that's daughter was wanting to have a small flock. They were in their prime, so I wanted them to go to a good home who'd appreciate them.

    But now I'm re-booting! I have gotten a fabulous galvanized nest box that mounts on a wall, that houses 12 hens in individual nest boxes! And I am to be getting a group of 30 "ole hens" from a farm wife down by Madison who is replacing her hens with new pullets. I will be keeping about half the flock and the other half is going to a gal in Estelline.

    Additionally, I have about 8 pigeons coming and 10 young day-old chicks; 6 ducklings, and 15 or so ducks. The ducks and pigeons are full grown. The ducks are coming from a farm wife over by Alexandria, SD. The pigeons are King Pigeons and are coming from California. The Ducklings & chicks are coming from Ideal Hatchery. So by the end of April I will have 25 ducks, 20+ chickens, 8 pigeons, 2 cockatiels and 2 Zebra finches!

    That doesn't include my love of gardening so it could get quite busy this summer!
  9. SouthDakotan

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    Thought I'd share pics of my newest arrivals. I bought the muscovies from Kay Determan over by Alexandria. Her son delivered them to me, since he is attending SDSU. So I didn't have to deal with shipping. They are year old muscovies and are in such wonderful health. Far cry from my noisey Black Swedish Duck hen & my Mallard hen! They are noisey but these two muscovies are quiet as a mouse! The problem with flight isn't an issue for me, since I house them in a chicken tractor, so they can graze but not fly out and roost.

  10. Magpie31

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    Mar 20, 2011
    Sioux Falls, SD
    Hello everyone!

    I'm in Sioux Falls, and I will be starting the chicken adventure at the end of May. We will start building our coop next week, and I am so excited!

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