East TN APA/ABA shows

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    Jul 5, 2007
    Sevier County, TN

    Anyone showing birds in the Cocke County Fair next weekend? It's a APA/ABA sanctioned show.
    The Jefferson County fair & show is pretty soon, too, if not this week. Don't have much info on that one.

    There's also APA/ABA show in Knoxville in September, during the TVA & I Fair. The Fair runs Sept 10-19 and I think the actual judging is on the 13th.

    My best birds are mid-molt right now, so we're missing the Cocke County show. But I will be showing birds (d'Uccle & Silkie) at the September show and have some d'Uccles to sell there, too.
    Just wondered if anyone else was showing birds, and what types, in the other shows.

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