Easter bunny steal eggs ?? or Mother Goose


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Aug 24, 2008
Southern Ohio
Saw my loan pet goose, who has been setting on some eggs. Hear her honking look outside there she is chasing a cottentail rabbit across my yard. A good 100 yards, guess it got to near her nest.

wish I could have got pics. never seen anything like that.

Was thinking a dog was after her, may have to take her rabbit hunting this fall. guess she a goose beagle
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No babies, she is the only goose I have. This rabbit was running full speed with her about 6 foot behind.

Bet if I got a video of it, I would have had it put on TV.

Think it just got to near her nest, but never saw anything like that, and have had birds most of my 127 years!!!
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Get that girl some "good" eggs, but be careful when you switch them, or, it'll be you instead of the bunny bandit...lol..
Well she must want to be a mother goose.

Today she was off her nest, now she is free range. She is my pet she was following be around.
I was gather peafowl egg today,and marking egg. Will I set 4 egg on the ground from one pen. As i was gather other eggs from another pen. When I got back to pick the eggs up, she was setting on them,making a nest in the grass.

I took the eggs she follow me all the way to the house !!

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