Easter chick struggling! Help...

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    May 9, 2011
    One of our chicks hatched this am around 530, and I've left it in the incubator until about an hour ago. I noticed it was flopping over and having a hard time walking so I think splay/spraddle leg. Another one born last night also has it. I tried the rubber band and straw trick and put shelf liner down so they can get a better grip. I am finding a lot of differing advice, but has the straw/rubber band trick worked for you? They still are trying to be active, keep flopping. I have the youngest one a few drops of electrolytes, she's seeming the worst. Please anyone, advice? I know it's Easter but this is my first time with this (first time using incubator too...I had mother hens hatch 32 last spring but none of the chicks got this). They seemed to do better when I left the incubator crowded with eggs/shells but Saturday I took out 9 that had been hatched 24 hours bc it was getting SO crowded (17 eggs in a brinsea 20). THANK YOU for any moral support. Worried. Also I have them under a radiant warmer, brinsea...wondering if I should use a heat lamp to see them better? I lifted the radiant warmer a tad so they have room to stretch and practice walking but I'm afraid of one gets out and flops it may not get back under.

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