Easter Egger 3, boy or girl?


9 Years
Oct 13, 2010
OK, here is the last Easter Egger that I'm going to ask for help with today. Out of 14 pure white Easter Eggers this year, only one other has grown up to be a boy, and at this age he already some secondary colors beginning to peek through his shoulder feathers, so I'm having a hard time believing my eyes when they tell me that this one is a boy. It's those legs - they sure look rooish to me.... but like I said, I've really been missing it sexing these Easter Eggers lately.... This bird is actually pure white - those are dirt smudges for sure.




Again, thanks for the help!

And then, just because I can't help showing off a little bit.... the egg on the far left front is the first egg out my easter egger pullets this year. Not bad, huh?
Hmm. This one's tricky. How old is it? Its comb looks a little red to me, but it also looks pretty flat.

And those eggs! I'm so excited to get a couple more pullets from you. My only laying EE used to produce pretty green/turquoise eggs, but they've become super pale and unexciting since she recovered from an illness. I'm crossing my fingers for a couple more girls with blue-egg genes!
Morgan - did you find the "Easter Egger 2, boy or girl" thread that I posted? That is the other bird that I have in mind for you. What do you think about that one?
Yeah - I know what you mean about the egg color fading and becoming disappointing - but the picture on your thread where you showed us the dark brown eggs from your pullets, the blue's looked pretty nice still! I have some hens who are laying close to white now, this late in the season. Sigh. I guess it's harder that I understand to paint an egg everyday.
Ohhh, I was just assuming it was a permanent after-effect of her illness. Good to hear that her original amazing color will come back in the spring!

And I was hoping you'd say that EE 2 had my name on her. She's so lovely and will make a wonderful addition to my flock
If anyone else has an opinion they want to share, I'm all ears..... I'm supposed to send this "pullet" to her new home tomorrow....
Oh, sorry - I just saw that you asked the age. I think 15 weeks, but honestly, I kind of lost track of this one.... It's a "left over" because I never could decide what it's gender is.
Thanks for the replies - I'm thinking I'm gonna go ahead and send her to her new home tomorrow. If she starts to crow then I'll trade her out a for sure pullet. Thanks again for the help!

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