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    Jul 3, 2013
    I wanted to add some Frizzled Easter Eggers and Frizzled Ameraucana Girls to my flock, but to get 1-2 in each kind I had to buy and hatch out a lot of chicks. Now that they are 3 weeks old I can tell which ones are frizzled so its time to find the ones I can't keep a find good loving home.

    I have a total of 38 chicks right now. Easter Egger, Ameraucana, Silkie and Some Polish (all frizzled or smooth but frizzle carriers ~ all chicks came from one frizzled parent and can produce frizzled offspring).

    I picked out a few to keep out of the EE & Ameraucanas and the rest I am adopting out to good loving home. The Silkie Chicks and Polish I need to wait until I can sex them before i adopt or sell them because I want to keep all frizzled hens and need 1 rooster that is not frizzled so they too will be up for adoption once sexed. The Polish I'm not sure yet waiting to sex also.

    I also have more frizzled Silkie eggs and Frizzled Cuckoo Maran eggs in the incubator. I am only planning on keeping 2 Frizzled Maran girls out of the Maran hatch the rest also will be adopted out.. As for Silkies... same thing keeping only the frizzled hens and need another rooster so i will pick one our from the boys..

    So I have many beautiful unique chicks up for adoption and will have more to come.. I want to make sure they find a good loving home so if you are looking to eat them or cage them please do not contact me. Only if you want as pets! They are unique and not cheap if you bought them online from hatchery or breeder.

    I am giving them away for free BUT I did spend a few hundred dollars to get them all and any donation you can give is very much appreciated.
    My main goal is to find them good homes and quickly because I have many and they get bigger everyday and my broody is caring for 26 of them so she will need a break soon.. I do hope I get some donations to help me with my chickens needs so if you want to adopt one please give anything you can if possible.

    I live in Sebastian Florida PICK UP ONLY I will not ship them as they already survived being shipped once (when they first hatched) and i do not trust the Post office enough to send live chicks in the mail.. So if you are interested in a beautiful good breed chick and can pick up please contact me on my farm page in Facebook. I do not check my mail in here as often as i should so its faster to get in touch with me on Facebook..

    Thank You


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