Easter Egger chick with strange beak

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    Mar 3, 2016
    I am new to this forum and new to EEs. We just got 6 new EE chicks a few weeks ago, and just in the last week have noticed one of the chicks has a strange beak. I don't think it's crossbeak, because the beak is not crooked, but the bottom beak is almost too straight and the beak won't close. I have attached a picture. It seems to be eating and growing, but maybe at a slightly slower pace than the other chicks. I noticed it's tail feathers did not come in as quickly as the others. I have been trying to keep the feeder very full, as well as put a deeper dish with moist food in it to make sure it can eat, and it seems to be doing ok. Any advise for this newbie? Will this chick make it with the way the beak is?? So sad, this is the friendliest of the bunch too and always comes right to me.
    We thought maybe its tail feathers were growing in slower because it was a roo, so we call it Mister Mister, but maybe it's just because it can't keep up with the others?
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    Welcome to BYC. I haven't seen any beak problems before, but hopefully someone will chime in. Can you get some poultry vitamins that contain trace minerals? Poultry Nutridrench and Poultry Cell are two that I see at most feed stores. Mineral deficiencies in the parent stock or heredity can cause beak deformities.

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