Easter Egger chicks 8 weeks old- pullets?


Apr 28, 2018
New Jersey
Hi everyone I know it’s still a bit early (not sure for EE’s-this is my first time with them), but I love hearing the guesses. I’m leaning toward both pullets, but can’t wait to hear from the experts! One gas a raised comb and the other has a pea comb. They don’t exactly look like the EE’s I was researching, but I love them just the same! Meet Raven and Olive! Thanks in advance for your responses!

Ol Grey Mare

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Mar 9, 2014
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My Coop
While they may not have the appearance of the "traditional" Easter egger,(green legs, beard) it is important to note that there is actually no set of characteristics that are specific to birds that are Easter eggers. East eggers can be derived from many different genetic crossings and so there is no set of characteristics that 1 should or should not have. Nor is there any way to tell whether or not these are in fact Easter Eggers until they lay. Interestingly enough AC could very well be used in an Easter egg or crossing....melanistic crosses are gaining popularity with out crosses being made to have mechanized birds producing various egg colors, appearances, etc

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