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    I am thinking about trying to hatch out an EE/Rhode Island Red for the purpose of trying to get a nicer roo. What are your thoughts? My hens are Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, and EE and I have a Silkie/Marans cross pullet and Cuckoo Marans pullet. Do you think the EE in a the roo cross would affect my egg size? My EE's lay small eggs, the rest of the hens are large to extra large. Any thoughts on what the temperament might be like? Have you tried this cross before?
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    You ask difficult questions. First, the EE is already a cross. What that cross contains affects the genetics. Second, although personality traits can be inherited, sometimes you can get a great roo from a nasty one or a nasty one from a super nice roo. Have seen EE cross with all breeds of chickens. The resulting offspring are quite varied in looks, temperament, and egg laying ability.

    If you want a sweet good tempered roo, then I would suggest that Salmon Faverolles are usually quite mellow. However, there is a possibility of getting a nasty one even in that calm breed.
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    Very interesting! I'll keep this in mind. I guess I just keep trying until I get a great roo and until then I'll have a full freezer. Thank you! :D

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