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  1. ok so figured out WHO is the culprit of the noise. It is the Easter Egger, sex uncertain. Most are telling us it is a she some saying a he...........
    This morning the BO was gone and someone was crowing. We figured out it is the EE. It was all stretched out pointing to the sky making a burk burk burk buuuguuuuurk!! sound. Not the usual rooster cock a doodle doo!! So my question is what does an EE rooster sound like??
    oh and we have had her for 2 days and no eggs.........
    Plus it tried to beat the heck out of the RIR roo. (who by the way I accused of crowing this morning but the poor fellow never makes a peep.........)
    So I am figuring that it is a he.
    What do you think?
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    Hmmmm, your explanation of the sound seems like you're describing an egg song, not a crow. If you post a picture of the EE you're describing we can tell you if its a rooster or a pullet.

    If you just got "her" two days ago, I'm not surprised she hasn't laid an egg. Every chicken is different, but when they're in new, unfamiliar surroundings it can take anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks for them to get comfortable in their new home and start laying.
  3. [​IMG]
    here "she" is. There has been some dispute on the forum about gender. We have no idea.

    What is an egg song?? Will this be an every morning ritual?
    It doesn't sound like a "normal" crow. If there is such a thing. It sounds like a normal chicken cluck only much louder and with a drawn out one on the end.
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    That looks like a hen for sure. Sometimes they do "sing" really loud. I think that's what she's doing.
  5. will she do it every morning??
    If she is a hen we really want to keep her but we have the world's worst neighbours. They will come after her, us, the goats, us the horses, us (get the idea) if the EE (knowns as Marshmallow) starts yelling every morning.

    If we put her in a coop at night will she be quieter??
    Since we only just got her she has been seperate to our others, just in a pen.
    Hubby might have to build her a seperate coop today.

    So much to learn aobut chickens!!!
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    The Egg Song is very similar to an alert call. Here is the first stanza of the Egg Song:

    Bok bok bok bok bok bok bok bok BUH-GAWK!!!!

    (Repeat ad nauseum.)

    If you want to hear a 3 minute rendition of an actual Egg Song as sung by my Rebecca, PM me with your e-mail address and I will send it to you straight from my cell phone, where I recorded it one day.
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    That is a hen.
  8. thanks all. Since she IS a hen and singing to tell us an egg will eventually come she has a reprieve.......
    Gotta figure a way to get it so we are the only ones who hear her..............

    Potterwatch:- your doe's face looks just like ours!!! We have 2 pygmy does, a buck 3 mini horses and 8 chickens. oh and a dog. But your's doesn't have pygmy ears is it a lamancha?
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    As my hens got older they do not sing as much!! This morning my RIR who is molting was singing! Go figure!
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    I have a lavander arucana-easter egger and she is the most awfull noisy creature on earth and so loud. For at least an hour before laying she will start that squaking (sometimes 2 hours) as she tries to oust other laying hens from their nests to take over and before she finds her prefered spot, rarely the same place twice. Then she shouts for another hour post egg laying and all the others join in and look alert. I'd get rid of her if she didn't lay such a pretty egg.

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