Easter Egger (Delawegger) Male- 11 wks ~FREE~ Pickup N. GA Mtns

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    Ranger is a cute Delawegger boy from my Delaware rooster, Isaac (my avatar), over my EE hen, June. He is pea combed with a hint of a beard and muffs; a unique EE rooster for your girls or use this sweet boy to create a pea combed Delaware.

    Ranger is odd man out so we sadly must rehome. He leans heavily leaning toward the Delaware personality, well educated by his broody mama in foraging and predator avoidance. Hatched May 13, he lives in the coop with my up-and-coming breeding flock of Barred Rocks so would like to find him a home ASAP. It would be nice if you could show me pics of the coop/pen where he will be living. [​IMG]

    Bet you won't lack for fertile eggs- this kid is already exhibiting mating behavior so I need him gone before he's fertile!

    Pickup only at our home in Fannin County, GA, near the juncture of GA/NC/TN. Will not ship, way too hot.



    Supervising his broody mama laying her daily egg:


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