Easter Egger: does spot on head tell sex?

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    Hi again, love this forum!

    I was reading that sex-links are often indicated by a spot on the top of their head. We got some day-old Easter Eggers last week from Cackle Hatchery and two of this chicks are a downy yellow with gray wing tips. One has always had a dark spot on its head, the other had no spot but now, at 8 days old, has the faintest of spots. Does the dark spot indicate it’s a sex-link Easter Egger? And would that mean it’s a cockerel?

    No spot, 3 days old

    Dark spot, 8 days old:

    Very faint spot, 8 days old

    Eight days old:
    Dark spot on left, light spot on right.

    Thoughts? Thank you!

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  2. EggSighted4Life

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    No.... sex linking is indicated by a WHITE spot on the darker head of chicks that do have the sexlinked barring gene... which is a double copy of the white barring passed to the male offspring of a barred hen crossed with a solid colored (not white) male.

    On those males... when they start to get their stripes, the white stripes will be twice as wide as the black.

    They should all get more color coming in as they get older... unless they are plain white birds. But even then they will get more white instead of the downy yellow fluff. :)
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    Easter Eggers aren't sex linked, so no, that won't work. Please post pics of their combs at six weeks.
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    They're adorable! As others have mentioned, hatchery EEs are not sexlinks. If you ordered "pullets", they would have been vent sexed between hatch and packing and are most likely pullets. If you ordered "straight run", you'll need to wait a few weeks.
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