Easter egger ears


May 22, 2019
Clinton (piedmont) S.C.
I'm a newbie, 6 months in. And I never thought much about chickens ears before. But earlier today I read an article (My Pet Chicken I think) talking about the color of chickens ears and how it often correlates 2 egg color. And it stated that Easter Eggers have red earlobes. Now my 6 pullets were bought a a farm store as EEs. And the one who has started laying lays beautiful blue eggs. I can only see the earlobes on three. The others are covered by tufts. But the three I can see are decidedly White. Any thoughts? I guess mutts are mutts and you can't depend on any trait holding true?
Precisely that.

Though most white egg laying breeds require white earlobes and brown egg layers require red ear lobes by written breed standards, there's no real genetic link between earlobe color and egg color. It's a social link created by written breed standards favoring white lobes for white layers and vice versa.

And EEs can lay any color egg, though usually they are brown/green/blue, but you can absolutely get a blue egg layer from crossing a white layer with a blue layer.

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