Easter egger egg colors, is any one more preferred?


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Jun 4, 2008
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I have seen so many different colors as far as the E.E.'S shell color. Is there any one preferred over the others or desired? Mine so far are a pale blue or pale green. I would love to have some of the olive colors and more darker blue, but not everyone is laying yet. I am saving the biggest ones for hatching in hopes of having large egg layer out of those. (also saving the really big brown eggs to hatch out as well) Is any color more preferred or desired? All of my roos are e.e., I have several types of hens. One turken lays a pinkish egg, but she has green legs, maybe e.e. mixed. I cant wait to see what hatches out and what they lay.

Do the eggs get darker the longer they lay? Stay the same?

Any opinions? (not that I needed to ask THAT, lol)


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Jul 9, 2008
I think if there is a preferred color it is blue. Blue is also probably the hardest color to get and keep when breeding chickens for eggs, green is easier (although a realy good shade of green is probably almost as hard). Good luck with getting a nice mix, I so love the pictures that people post of a basket with pretty multicolor eggs.

It is my understanding the the blue starts out darker in the spring and fades out as the egglaying season progresses with some hens experiencing more "fade" than others. Even among the purebred blue egg layers the quality, or shade of the blue eggs varry, and if crossed with a brown or pink layer you will get offspring that lay some shade of green for sure. The green can persist through successive crosses. Some of the prettiest blue eggs I have seen have come from easter eggers and if you get one or two of those count yourself lucky.

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