Easter egger egg hunt

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  1. my Easter Egger hen has got me stumped where she lays her eggs. she is with her roo Nate in the barn (it is one of those big old red barns, like you see in cartoons)
    she doesn't have a nestbox and she wouldn't use one (she hasn't in the past when she had one)
    she is extremely good at hideing eggs! i have searched that barn inside out and i haven't found anything! she doesn't have access outside besides her run.

    i don't really really need eggs anyways, i don't eat many.

    is she the queen at hideing easter eggs or has she quit laying for some unknown reason? (she is only about 1 year old btw)
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    She could be molting or is really good at hiding them.

    IMO, best to find her hiding spot. Eggs laying around outside can attract egg predators and some of those predators aren't satisfied with just eggs; they want an occasional side dish of chicken.

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