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    Hi so I'm not really used to doing this but I'm really curious. My Mom bought me 3 Easter Egger chicks from on here for my Birthday and I'm just curious but, do they really lay red/green/blue eggs? I'm sapposed to get the chicks on the 14th of March and I was also wonder whats the best type of home to keep the chicks in. Like a hamster cage or a card board box or what? Thanks for the answers :)


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    Hi and [​IMG]

    Easter Eggers are chickens who have inherited the green egg gene. That means that you are most likely to get greenish or bluish eggs. And each chicken only lays one color of egg. So, if the chicken lays a greenish egg, you will always get a greenish egg from that chicken.

    Here's a link from The Learning Center that has some great information on how to raise your chicks. [​IMG]

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    They lay pink, not red, and blue or green eggs. You can keep them in a cardboard box or really anything but they need a heat lamp above them to keep them warm. If you go to the learning center at the top of the board or go to Raising baby chicks area and you'll find lots of information that you'll need.
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    Good luck with your new babies! [​IMG]
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    You could even use a large Sterilite tube. Let some make a frame out of 2x4 or 3x2 wood and put some chicken wire or hardware cloth over it. You can get a heat lamp at Walmart, think they would be called shop lamps there. Make sure the tamp on chick level is about 90-95Fish and you got plenty of bedding in there. You got time to read up on on all the basics before the chicks arrive.
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    A large 50 gal plastic tote will do very well! So will a half of refigerator box or washer box from home improvement store.

    My hubby got the best brooder, from work, a pallet on bottom with thin panels, lightweight and easy to push around. it was a packing crate.
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    May 4, 2007
    I have a easter egger and this is what she lays


    The blue egg in there is hers don't be surprised if you get a few double yokers I got this when they first started to lay. I have Isa brones and a few mutt chickens

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    Nov 30, 2010
    The egg shell is not really pink, it is just another shade of brown. I get a pinkish (brown) egg from my Dark Cornish.
    All of my EE's lay blue or green eggs, I did haave one that layed a cream colored egg (another shade of brown).

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