Easter Egger finally laid her first eggs and they are.....brown

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I so paitiently waited to see the blue or green egg that she would lay, but they are brown with little white dots. Any chance they will change color? She's the sweetest girl, but I'm so bummed.
I don't think so, but maybe one knows for sure. But I have a EE who lays brown eggs to. Which I didn't realize because I do get three green eggs and only have three EE birds. But I saw one of my solid black birds lay the green egg.
When picking out EE's, check their combs. They have a much better chance of laying a blue/green egg if they have a pea comb. I think I read once that it is only a 3% chance of laying blue if they don't have the pea comb.

Sorry for your disappointment.
Sorry, but they will be brown eggs forever - they sound pretty though. Since EE's are mixed breed birds, they can end up with the white egg genetics instead blue egg ( brown eggs are white shells with brown layered on the outside; green eggs are blue eggshells with brown on the outside).
No they won't change color. Would you mind mentioning where you got her, just out of curiosity?

Chickens have one gene that determines basic egg color. They are either blue or white. There are a few other genes that detemine brown, which gets applied on top of the base color. How much brown determines the shade of green or brown if the eggs have a different color. If you want to see the base color, crack the egg and look at the inside of the shell. It will be either blue or white, even if it is a green or brown egg. Think of it this way.

Blue + No Brown = Blue
Blue + Light Brown = Green
Blue + Dark Brown = Olive Green

White + No Brown = White
White + Light Brown = Light Brown
White + Dark Brown = Dark Brown
Nope, they won't change color. Maybe shade (sometimes a little lighter/darker), but not the color. Sorries you're disappointed. It does sound like a pretty egg (pics?), but as others have said, EEs are a mixed bag and could lay any color.
I recently experienced the same disappointment!
I was so excited at the prospect of getting little green or blue eggs from my EE banty, only to find she's laying little brown tinted eggs.
I'll give her credit, though--since she started laying 2 weeks ago, she's only taken one day off!
I suppose I could stretch it and call them "pink"...
She's still my favorite girl, though! She stole my heart from day one.
She's got a pea comb, but no muffs or tufts. I got her from MPC back in July and she started laying at 22 weeks.

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At this point I would take a brown egg from my EE lol. 39 weeks old and nothing. 2 of her hatch mates are laying light greenish eggs though.
I'm in the same boat with you, Karen. My second EE laid her first egg today and it's brown too.
I couldn't believe it! Oh well, at least she started laying. My other EE started over a month ago.

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