Easter Egger gender question again


May 7, 2020
Hello all,
I’ve asked before but have let a few weeks go by before asking again. I have one EE and it was sold as a pullet but this thing confuses me. It is very flighty and will not let me get near it to pick up for better close-up pictures. It is 12 weeks old, feather coloring has stayed consistent over the weeks at a brown/gray/yellow, and comb is slightly pink but not much different than my ISA that is the same age. The tail feathers are very upright and tall, but I’ve seen mixed responses regarding EE feathers and using them to determine gender. It looks like there is only one row on the comb but I don’t know if it’s just too early to have that be a deciding factor. It is also constantly chest bumping the other birds but I don’t know if that’s just trying to establish its spot in the order. Could this be a cockerel with boring feathers, or a pullet with a perky tail?


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