Easter Egger Hatching Eggs (NPIP, $1.25 ea/or $10 for 10)


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Jul 29, 2013
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Easter Egger Hatching Eggs, $1.25 each or $10 for 10 ($1.00 each for 10 or more)
Available as long as weather holds above 40*F.

Flock is a non-hatchery Wheaten Ameraucana Rooster (deep blue eggs) over BBS Ameraucana hens (blue eggs), Golden Buffs (brown eggs), Easter Eggers (green eggs), a White Leghorn (white eggs) and a Cornish Rock (brown eggs). Each dozen eggs will consist of mostly blue and brown eggs with a few green and white.
The resulting chicks will be various colors and will lay eggs in various shades of blue (pale to dark) and green.

At this time I can't offer special requests for only blue, or green eggs. Sorry!

NPIP certified (pullorum neg, AI tested), healthy and robust birds, high fertility (nearly 100% according to my incubators), good hatch rates, all LF birds.

Shipping Costs
Shipping is USPS priority flat rate ($13 for 10 eggs or less, $18 for more than 10 eggs) and is covered by buyer. ALL USPS priority flat rate boxes come with $50 insurance against breakage while shipping and a tracking number for shipment.
Eggs are packaged with care, wrapped individually in bubble wrap, blunt end up, snugly double boxed in a clearly marked box with "FRAGILE" on all sides and "Do Not X-Ray, Live Hatching Eggs" on the top. Extra eggs are included in all orders in case of breakage.

I prefer Paypal for payment. Please PM me to arrange a purchase!

Located on Cleveland's east side, in Ohio

Like all sellers, once the eggs leave my hands at the post office, I am no longer able to guarantee their viability. I package my eggs with great care and have very good responses to my shipping techniques. In case of damages during shipping, I will help to file a claim with USPS but I am not responsible for damages during shipping and handling, nor can I guarantee hatch rates.​
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