Easter Egger lays white egg


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Oct 7, 2011
I have a regular Easter Egger, her name is time out. she was born 1st week of may. today i just got my first egg from her. and to my surprise....its WHITE!!!!


as you can see, she has the beard and tufts, she has green legs, and a pea comb. but today i got this egg...



What in the world could have overpowered the green egg laying gene and given me a slightly off white egg????

(i'm slightly irritated because i expected a green or blueish egg, and i've been raving about it for the last 6 months about how great it will be....how to explain this to peers.....)
That bird (time out ) ripped you off ! pull those feathers off her she must be an imposter !
Just kidding ! sorry to hear about that . Hopefully they will change , maybe its just the first one ? I never heard of that before .
Since EE are really crossbred chickens, their egg color can be all over the spectrum. Somewhere back in her gene pool lies DNA from a white egg layer. Sorry that she disappointed you.
Did someone play a joke on you? My neighbor put a white egg in my coop a bit before my hens started laying....I was so confused.

Good prank, though.
well the problem is that i have another hen that looks almost exactly like her and my ONLY rooster is also an EE. i got them from the same place and they're probably from the same batch. i'm just now trying to make some barred olive eggers but i dont think it will work if my rooster carries a white egg laying gene rather than green/blue.
Brown eggs are white egg shell with brown coatings applied. Blue or green eggs have blue egg shell (green comes from a brown coating over the blue shell). So, a bird laying a white egg will not later lay blue.

And yes, I'd say it's safe to presume your rooster carries only white egg genes. Bummer.
Are you sure it isn't just devoid of color? Sometimes, that first egg will not be fully "painted" and be so light, you think it's white or off-white. Yes, an EE can lay a white egg, or any other color egg, but don't indict her until she lays another egg or two.

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