Easter Egger Male- 11 wks~FREE!~ Pickup N. GA Mtns

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    Ranger is a cute Delawegger boy from my Delaware rooster, Isaac (my avatar), over my EE hen, June. He is pea combed with a hint of a beard and muffs; a unique EE rooster for your girls or use this sweet boy to create a pea combed Delaware.

    Ranger is odd man out so we sadly must rehome. He's a friendly guy, heavily leaning toward the Delaware personality, well educated by his broody mama in foraging and predator avoidance. Hatched May 13, he lives in the coop with my up-and-coming breeding flock of Barred Rocks so would like to find him a home ASAP. It would be nice if you could show me pics of the coop/pen where he will be living. [​IMG]

    Bet you won't lack for fertile eggs- this kid is already mating his broody mama! Of course, he isn't fertile yet.

    Pickup only at our home in Fannin County, GA, near the juncture of GA/NC/TN. Will not ship, way too hot.



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