easter egger not laying any advice?

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    My easter egger hasnt laid for 11 days now. i keep track of how many eggs each of my layer hens lay because i can tell the difference in the eggs. it is especially noticeable when i dont get any blue eggs in almost 2 weeks. [​IMG] what has made the sudden stop in laying. she used to be a good layer and i got 3 to 5 eggs a week from her. i dont know what the problem is with her. the other hens seem to be slowing down in production too. any suggestions

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    Feb 22, 2009
    Egg production has everything to do with light and the pituitary gland. Less light in fall/winter, less eggs. Every fall chickens go into a molt(lose they feathers and get new ones). They won't typically lay during this time. anywhere from a month to three. Older chickens may not lay till spring.

    No worries.
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    Kaykayona is right on.

    All my chickens are molting and there is little sunlight. We are lucky if we get two eggs a week right now.

    It's nature. Leave them be. The molting process is painful and the girls need all the good loving they can get from you.

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