Easter egger, olive egger and Production blue cockerels

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    Jul 18, 2013
    [​IMG] I realize cockerels are a dime a dozen, maybe even less but I had some hatching projects going on this spring and have some nice Easter eggers, and olive eggers and I was experimenting with a production blue layer (Some of the hatcheries are experimenting with this and selling the pullet chicks for insane prices.) I bred my rooster (supposed to be an Ameraucana but I'll call him an Easter egger) to my California greys who have never skipped a day since they started laying at 6 months old. Over time I've found that the rooster will influence his daughters' point of lay and the number of eggs so if you're looking to add the blue egg gene or increase production, these guys could be a plus. The girls in the line also have excellent feed to egg ratio..
    I'm in the Lehigh Valley PA., Eastern Pa, right across the river from NJ.
    The father is very sweet tempered and the boys in this line (Have produced several from the mothers) haven't been human aggressive, so if you're thinking of adding a cockerel to your flock or adding the blue egg gene, one of these guys might fit the bill. They were hatched May 7. Since I used different mothers some are Easter Eggers, some olive eggers and some are what I'm calling production blue egg layers. So if this is something you've been looking for, here is your chance to pick one up. I prefer to find homes for nice tempered cockerels so if you would like one, please PM me.

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    Hello, i am trying to find out information about the production blue i just purchased at my local rural king in Kentucky. Any information you can give would be greatly appreciated as nobody at rural king has any information

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