Easter egger, olive egger, marans, new hampshire HELP!

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    Ok get ready. this is gonna be long.

    I want to start a breeding flock. I have 1 australorp hen, 1 olive egger hen, and 3 chicks. I need help identifying the chicks. The dad was a new Hampshire/marans cross and the mom was also a new Hampshire/marans cross. They had 7 babies 5 were black 2 were red. What breed would they be called? would they qualify as an Easter egger because they are a marans cross? I know Easter eggers are just mixes and olive egger have to be some marans. If both of the parents are crosses, are they easter eggers? The mother hen looks like a black sex link but is a marans/ new hamp cross. I am so confused!
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    Just plain mixes.
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    The chicks would be barnyard mixes that lay a shade of brown egg.

    Typically, Easter Eggers carry the blue gene and lay a shade of blue or green egg.
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    Easter egger is a term for a bird that lays a blue or green egg. Not simply a term for any random mixed breed bird. So no, your chicks are not Easter eggers.

    I think you're thinking of the Olive Eggers. Marans are crossed with blue eggers, to get a deeper shade of green. But crossing a Marans with another brown egger just gives you brown egger mixed breed birds. They may have a chance of laying a darker than average egg, but not blue or green.

    Your chicks are barnyard mix. You know parentage enough to say they're Marans/New Hampshire mix, so that's what they are. They're not a breed, and they're not Easter eggers.

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