Easter Egger pullet suddenly stops laying??


10 Years
Jul 20, 2009
I have a lot of chickens...and they are all healthy, happy, fat with normal poo. One of my Easter Egger pullets, Lacey, is right around 6 months old. She had been giving me a beautiful green egg at least every other day. It was almost 'sale' size. She suddenly stopped. Completely. It's been a li'l over a month since I've had a green egg!! There are 3 other EE pullets the same age...far as I can tell, I haven't received any eggs from them yet.

Why would an apparently healthy & happy young EE pullet suddenly stop laying? Could it be the weather/daylight change? This is my 1st time with EE's.

I'm so glad you posted this question. My EE pullet stopped laying too! Its so strange. I have another EE that is laying just fine along with all the others. just this one suddenly stopped. Whats the deal??

I'm going to watch this thread. I have 2 EE's, one hadn't started laying yet and one who was giving me a very pretty med size Blue/green egg. She has stopped. Hasn't laid for almost 2 weeks. No signs of stress, no change in behaviour, still eating well and acting lively.

The EE's have decided to go on strike?
I'm right there with ya Princesschicken. My EE's are going on 6 mos and nothing yet. Sigh. Typical for EE's though. Remember its molt time too people. They might slow down or stop. EEs arent super layers to begin with.
my mom said somthing made them stop laying (well her naighbor said it) because of a earthquack or something . she came over and said it should be over now . i didn't really listen cuz it didn't make sinse???maybe she is right
I posted this very same problem a couple of years ago. Someone told me that basically EEs are moody
They quit and restart with no real reason, they just decide to take a break. I have 2, and when one starts or stops the next one is only a day or two behind. Be patient and they will start again, I never count on mine, they are just a bonus when we do get them. They are my husbands favorite because they are the biggest!
But I LOVE my green egg!! Which I haven't received in over 2 months.

I have two things going on as far as I can tell. The 1st is daylight has been decreasing since June 21st. I live in Northern Indiana. I don't believe we're getting even just 12 hours of daylight per day right now. I have supplemented my chickens with a flourescent light in the Coop & have seen a very slight increase in laying. However, I was up to an average of 16 eggs per day out of the Layer Coop - Now I'm getting 5. LOL! Their light comes on at dusk & stays on for 6 hours, giving them 14 hours of daylight. I'll need to increase to 8 hours at dusk soon. I can't wait for the daylight to start to increase around here!!

The 2nd 'problem' is molt. My EE's aren't old enough to be bothered by this, but all my yearlings are dealing with it. My poor babies! My Wyandotte's, Leghorn's & Star's (red & black) look pathetic!! And they're cranky. I'm going to assume this is from discomfort and not vanity...considering they eat their own poo & anything else that fits into their li'l beaks.

Anyway, my EE's are just a tad over 6 months. Guess I'll just be patient until spring.

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