Easter Egger Rooster. .in love? or behaving strangely?

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    Hello and good day[​IMG][​IMG], my name is Brandi. Like everyone here I have a story to tell and some needed answers if you can answer them so kindly. It starts with "Mr. Peep Peep", he was a lonely Rooster until yesterday. You see, he was a bachelor. So he would always escape his coop to go and try to steal our other Rooster's hen. He would challenge our other Easter Egger Rooster "Farkle" in a sort of shuffle dance like way. Farkle had protection from within the fencing of his coop, he made no advances towards "Peep Peep". Day after day this began to be quite annoying and it was rather difficult to keep him in his coop, so I suggested to my husband that I believe "Peep Peep" is suffering from loneliness. So I began searching for a hen for "Mr. Peep Peep", I found her yesterday. "Peep Peep" is now forming a bond with his hen Freckles or so I believe until told otherwise, both are posted as my Avatar photo. Weirdness begins, he's never ever dust bathed before, I can assure you of this. While Freckles dust bathed so did Peep Peep, in manner which was odd, he rolled over and got as close as he could get to her and rubbed his head against her. He also began preening her feathers, all the while "Freckles" allowing him to do so without hesitation or unwillingness. So is this normal? If I did get chicks from them what colors would be produced?

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    Sounds like your rooster is in love and happy to have a hen. He's a good rooster, bonding with her and taking care of her. I have found the Columbian color of your rooster to be dominant so more than likely chicks will lean towards that color, otherwise it's hard to say what colors are hiding until you breed them.
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    Yep! Sounds like a happy boy to me!
    When I bring something "extra special" like grapes (cut in half) my fella waits patiently for me to hand him some 1 at a time so he can feed them to his girls. He has a couple of favorite girls he dust bathes with, and then stands "watch" while the others bathe.
    Mr. Peep Peep is handsome and I think Freckles looks sweet. Cute couple!
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    Yes, indeed. Mr Peep Peep is happy and content. You describe a perfectly blissful episode of dirt bathing.

    I have one cockerel in a flock of nineteen hens. He often can be found, but only if you look for him, at the bottom of a crowded pile of dirt-bathing hens.

    Oddly, he seems to have one favorite, much older hen he prefers to hang out with. If he's off away from the others, it's almost always in the company of this older hen.

    Roos do seem to have favorites, and it's wonderful that you found such a suitable girl friend for Peep Peep.

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