Easter Egger Sexing Help - 10 week update - still need help with Piglet!

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by corgis-con-chickems, Jun 25, 2019.

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    Hello wonderful BYC people!

    I'm still uncertain about Piglet's gender, and I thought I'd post a 10 week update. I was able to get the more obvious cockerel, Bacon, rehomed to a nice family in the country. Piglet still doesn't have the prominent comb that Bacon had, and the coloring on wings is just super subtle. There is a downward tail swoop though that I just noticed ... (I feel like this bird tries to hide its tail from me!)

    piglet 10 weeks IMG_1470.jpg piglet 10 weeks 4837764B-8EFC-491E-ADE6-1588928921C6.jpg piglet 10 weeks D04B9FEE-1DEF-4557-BF75-BD81E30DC21A.jpg piglet 10 weeks 61E47AB2-14D2-4E55-BC3D-A0D73974CA19.jpg piglet 10 weeks 98EF9C66-B582-42A6-BFED-F8D0F319C737.jpg piglet 10 weeks IMG_1475.jpg

    Here is Miss Ham and Toast for reference:
    hamhock 10 weeks IMG_1480.jpg toast 10 weeks IMG_1474.jpg
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    I'd say pullet.
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