Easter Egger stumbling and standing like an eagle with tail down

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    Aug 27, 2009

    We found one of our Easter eggers about a week ago walking splayed legged with her wings out for balance. She's isolated from the rest of the flock and living in our spare bathroom. For the first few days she didn't have much of an appetite for her regular scratch and crumbles. I gave her some yogurt a couple of days ago, and she was only mildly interested. Yesterday she had some basmati rice, cooked with finely crushed cooked egg shells which she ate with more gusto. Today I gave her some whole grain bread which she also enjoyed. You have to hand feed her and hold the food up to her beak for the most part. We have been giving her sitz bathes twice a day and putting a warming pad underneath her thinking she was egg bound and also gently massaging her belly area. Hubby says that he didn't feel any eggs-we've had a couple other EE that were egg bound in the past. Vent and belly area looks distended (sorry, my laptop won't load pictures). She also had a small bowel movement this morning and it was green (no mucus or anything)-softish, but not runny. She's still stumbling around with her tail down. Breathing isn't labored, she's in a room that's probably about 70 ish degrees with plenty of water to drink.

    We have no idea how old she is-she was given to use last Thanksgiving, so she's at least 2 if not older.

    Any input or feedback would be great. Our area doesn't have a livestock/farm animal vet as far as I know. Thanks![​IMG]
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    Does she resemble a penguin? I had a hen do that for a while, she would get better, then she finally passed. I think she was an internal layer??? You might want to post some pics. Maybe some one will come along with a better direction. Good luck.

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