Easter Eggers and Leg Color


11 Years
Aug 26, 2008
Will some EE's have yellow legs or will they always be greenish color? I have two EE crosses that look like the other EE's but they have yellow legs. Will they just lay brown colored eggs?
EE's can have any color of legs -- gray, green, yellow, pink, etc. Green just happens to be one of the most common ones. Leg color is not related to egg color.
In my little flock of EEs there are slate legs, green legs, white legs and yellow legs. They all lay pale blue / minty greenish eggs.
I often wondered if the leg color related to the egg color. My Ameraucanas usually lay the light blue/greenish egg, but when the Partridge Rock roosters got to them I noticed some of the eggs were taupe (PR hens lay brown eggs)...or either my crossbred chicks/hens from an Ameraucana hen and PR rooster laid the taupe egg. Not sure which, but the were certainly different looking eggs....of course the flavor didn't change.

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