easter eggers (Araucanas)???

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    Oct 8, 2014
    Went to Big R today and read up on what their going to be having in march, ya da ya da.. What not
    Then they had Easter eggers on their sign with (Araucanas) On the side of it??

    Big R hasn't been around for to many years.. So
    What is the chance that these "Araucanas" are just some blue egg layer mutts or actually the real thing???
    Adding Easter egger kind of makes me feel that their just mutts.. but then again??

    Is there anyway for me to tell the difference between the two by how they look as chicks??
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    Araucanas are even more rare than are Ameraucanas - so the chances of finding the real thing in a retail outlet/farm store at the prices people would be wiling to pay for chicks in a retail outlet are essentially zero.
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    If it is a feed store selling them they are Easter Eggers IMO.

    Oftentimes the hatcheries and feed stores call Easter Eggers:
    Ameraucanas, Araucanas, and Americanas, etc.

    IF you want true rumpless Araucanas you need to go to a breeder. If you want Ameraucanas, it is best to go to a breeder as well, although if you get the "right color" plumage you may be able to call it an Ameraucana. There are certain colors and other specifics that I am not familiar with that make them true Ameraucanas. I would recommend going here if interested:

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    I can't be sure if she ships eggs, I know she doesn't ship chicks.

    Hinkjcfarms. She now has a Facebook page. She does have Araucanas.

    Many folks are looking for EASY Araucanas but the fact is they are not an easy breed. Why I can not say.

    The whiskers don't always come out. Might have none, might have one, might have two. The do carry a fatal allele, which makes hatching hard.

    I've a Lavender Roo and he has none, but I keep him in the mix for gene pool and egg color.

    Folks need to keep in mind that with many breeds or "lines" of breeds hardiness may be a factor in problems.

    With too few birds to work with you can run into problems.
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    The plan it to make a trip down to see her this year. I had orps from her and would like to get some more. She's the best IMO.
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    Jul 24, 2013
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