Easter Eggers - Roos or Pullets? (new Pics added on post 15)


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A neighbor and I have six (sold as Ameraucana/ Araucana at feed store) Easter Egger chicks and need some help with gender ID on some before making any other decisions. They are only 5 1/2 weeks old, but the one confirmed cockerel is going to the farm next Monday. If there are any other future roosters in the bunch, I need to id them so they can go with him. Our town doesn't permit roosters and I doubt my friend will be driving the 150 miles again soon this way. The cockerel started crowing yesterday so time is up for him.

Please help! I have been worrying over it a lot lately. I can take more pics if need be. I took mostly comb pictures since that is the only place I see any differences in the unconfirmed genders. We have colored leg bands on each to tell them apart without naming anyone.

Chick #1 (red band) Cockerel! He grew really early on and was red at 4 weeks. Chick #2 in foreground=

Chick# 2 (black band) Pullet?=


Chick #3 (white band)Pullet?

Chick #4 (blue band) Gender?


Chick #5 (yellow band) gender?


Chick #6 (green band) Gender?


Thank you for any help, especially if you have raised EEs or Ameraucanas!
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I'm new to this and don't know a lot...but other than the one you already know is a cockeral; they all look like pullets to me. Nice babies.
AT 5 1/2 weeks my EE's don't even have combs yet. lol

Anyway, I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say #1, 4,5,6. Are all roos. Sorry. But since your's combs have grown in much quicker than mine, you may be lucky and have only #1 as a roo. I'm not sure.
Thank you all for the imput. It helps somewhat. I will keep 2,3, and maybe 5, but I don't know yet.

This was my thinking as well, #1, #4, #5, and #6, but I have very little (zero) experience with sexing chicks. I have only the internet to compare. The pictures I have seen online of EE pea combs generally show 3 rows of peas for males vs. single row peas for females. This is what had me most concerned with these four chicks. Is this what I am seeing in those 4?

They all have wider comb areas than #2 and #3 and look to have three rows. There are NOT lot of chick pic peacombs to compare to out there. I am a little comforted by ArizonaDesertChicks' EE that had 3 rows but was still a pullet. But I still don't know.

Anyone else have opinions, please?! I need as much help deciding as possible from folks more experienced than me.
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