Easter Eggers with black skin?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by katefollot, Mar 28, 2017.

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    I saw someone mention on another thread that some EE have 'dark pigmentation', can this extend to having a large % of the skin being black?
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    It would depend on the breeds used to make the EE in question -- as they are a mixed breed bird that can be created with any number of combinations (especially on the non-blue laying side of the equation) it could happen, yes.
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    That makes complete sense. I guess where I get confused is if there are birds/lines with just black skin and not fibromelanism? reliably I mean, not 1 out of every 10 hatches, I don't have the room for that unfortunately. I'm new to chicken genetics and it's a steep learning curve.
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    I had one hatch this morning, although technically it is a EE x Cochin cross. The dad was my black skinned black cochin bantam and mom is a typical brown partridge Easter Egger. The baby is black with black skin. I am thinking of keeping one (I assume more are to come but this was the only chick hatched when I left for work this morning) so I can see how it turns out, looks and size wise. I expect it will look similar to a black d'Uccle, perhaps with the mulberry of the comb and wattles that dad had (he's since been rehomed as he was a jerk with too much testosterone, though oh so beautiful).
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