easter eggers


6 Years
Jun 24, 2013
have a barred rooster and what people are telling me are easter egger hens. im getting the coolest green eggs. going to start hatching some. any ideas what may come of this. fresh on the farm. chance
hi ya catmando

this I have no clue

as a learner at this chicken gig ,i'll wait with you for the answer

meanwhile why don't you do a wee intro here ,so folk can get to know you a bit

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well im 31 with a beatiful wife and daughter. we just started with 5 chicks and ended up being two roosters and three hens. need all the advice i can get. my goal is two start hatching some of these easter eggers

Your barred rooster will give you all chicks that are barred, to some degree. What base colors you get will depend on the colors of your hens, but the black from the barred rock tends to show up pretty strong. You'll probably get a lot of birds that look like a barred rock, but with beards and muffs. These are some of the birds I've come up with my barred roo over easter eggers and easter egger/leghorn mixes. I love breeding mixed breed birds, you get all different colors!
Your second rooster looks to be something like a spangled Hamburg. I'm not really familiar with the breed so can't say for sure. I think your rooster is a black sex link, not a pure barred rock. So, half your chicks will be barred, half not.

If you really want all your offspring to lay green eggs, you'd need to get an Easter egger rooster to put over your hens.

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