Easter Eggs gone wild!

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    Jul 1, 2011
    Two days before Easter this year, I found myself making ANOTHER trip to the store. I was working with a group to put together an Easter party/lunch with Easter egg hunt after church. The list of families kept growing. We decided to have an equil amount of real dyed eggs and plastic eggs for children to hunt down. Fishing my ATM card out of my purse, I handed it to my 18 year old son and gave him the verbal list as he was getting out of the car. I was going to the store next door to pick up other items. To him: "We need 340 more eggs..." (he's sliding out the door) so 24 dozen will be enough.

    I shop. Finish before him. My eyes about bug out seeing him wheeling the shopping cart, followed by two more carts pushed by employees.

    Seems he thought I said we needed 340 DOZEN eggs. I think it was the fastest return the store ever saw.

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