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May 14, 2013
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I threw an Easter Lily away today in my garage trash. The can is tall so I never considered that my Khaki Campbell partners in crime would be able to get into it to eat some of the plant. They are spending their free time in the garage until their pen is finished. We also let them outside in the fenced in part of our yard for several hours a day when someone is home to keep an eye on them. I'm really upset because I feel like a horrible mom right now. I know Easter Lilies are poisonous to cats, dogs, birds, and humans. Does this mean my ducks are going to get sick and die?
If anyone knows the answer please get back to me. I have googled but there's nothing specific to ducks.

Thank you!


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Jan 3, 2010
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Wish I knew more, but you can put food grade activated charcoal supplement in their water, a teaspoon per quart. It is supposed to absorb toxins. Don't know if that will prevent the worst, but it is something.

Have you seen this? At the top is an emergency number - don't know if it would be helpful for ducks, though.
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