Easter Suprise!


11 Years
Mar 25, 2008
1 hour north of Sacramento, CA
We don't keep chickens, but our neighbors have ALOT of chickens and roosters. We found a dozen eggs in our yard in an old doghouse Easter morning. We threw them away but are finding new eggs every day in the doghouse.
It would be great if we can eat them (I hate the idea of them being wasted.) But I don't know the rules of harvesting chicken eggs. I don't know if they're fertile, or if that even matters this early in discovering them. I don't know how our neighbors take care of their chickens. Any input would be appreciated, and you have a good day.

Janine E. Sacramento, CA


12 Years
Apr 12, 2007
If you pick them up every day then they are fine to eat. Fertile or not you can eat an egg. It usually takes at least 3 days of constant sitting to get the babies growing if they are fertile so if you pick them up daily then there is not enough time to start incubation. Now if you go to pick up eggs and there is a little hen that tries to tear your arm off then she is probably broody and will gaurd those eggs even if they are not fertile. Jenn

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