Easter Traditions

Old Easter traditions:

1. Baking the ham for so long that it turns into jerky, followed by the annual warning from my grandmother about the dangers of trichinosis.

2. Being scolded for the 20th time about why I am a bad granddaughter/wife/cousin/the shame of the whole family.

3. At least one argument about dishes, wine choices, the relative quality of the folding chairs, why Aunt #2 is not getting along with Aunt #5, and the sorry state of my third cousin's husband's nephew's affairs, and what my great-aunt's husband's mother thinks we ought to have done about it.

New Easter traditions:

1. Eggs for breakfast, followed by a relaxing second cup of tea with the chickens.

2. Fine imported Gewurtztraminer with dinner, which consists of a light pasta dish and veggies, perhaps a nice sponge cake for dessert.

3. Enjoying the spring flowers in the yard.

4. A back massage from DH.

5. My grandmother calling from three states away to complain that she'll die before I visit her again. I can't imagine why...
Usually we get up and the Easter Bunny has came and we have sweet rolls or something delicious that we only eat for breakfast on Easter or Christmas. Then we find the eggs in the house that the Easter Bunny hid and get ready to go to church. After church we come home and all the family and friends that have accepted the invitation come over for a picnic lunch. The kids have a great big easter egg hunt in our yard. Everybody has a great time and enjoys visiting and spending time with family and friends.

I am sort of sad this year because Easter is so early that our spring flowers haven't bloom and they are so pretty in bloom. I feel like it is not Easter time yet.
I know that sounds crazy.
I remember fondly the Easter traditions growing up. It was the only time of year we each got a beautiful new dress with matching straw hat and purse. I also remember the squirrel that my sisters were secretly raising in our bedroom that chewed up all of our pretty hats and purses.
I do lots of celebrations of spring, from the first warm day until at least the end of May, but we don't really get to celebrate Easter. My SO is usually working and I am always working on that Sunday. I'm kinda bummed out right now just thinking about going to work tomorrow.
I do want to wish all of you every bright blessing that this time of year has to offer.
We don't do anything anymore, unless you count me treating myself to new pets, but my mother and her siblings suffered through an interesting tradition when they were growing up.
Every Easter, at four in the morning, my grandmother would wake everyone in the house and they'd troop outside in their sleep clothes. A large basin full of water would be sitting in the yard, and one at a time, each member of the family would have to get in the tub and squat so the water reached their necks. Then, without drying off, everyone would go back to bed until it was time for breakfast, when the more pleasant Easter activities would begin.
I'm unsure where this tradition originated. I used to think it was a Silesian Catholic tradition, but I've met a few Catholic Mexicans who recall doing the same thing for Easter in their childhood, so it may be more widespread through Catholocism, and not just a regional thing. My grandmother can't explain it, saying she did it because she was raised that way, and never questioned the tradition. If anyone has any information about it, I'd love to hear it. I, for one, am glad my mother decided never to make me take part in this particular Easter tradition
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