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    Nov 25, 2010
    I have some pullets and cockrels, (mostly pullets), that I hatched from eggs I ordered on byc and ebay. They were not the breeds I ordered, such as; cochins, cochin mixes, Lavender and other colors. I also have frizzles, (one beautiful black pullet and one grey? Lavender?), I have one Buff Orphington pullet. I have a pair of Partridge Silkies as well. There are a few "black" pullets and cockrels that I believe are probably austrolorps or mixes. I am asking $5.00 a piece from anyone on BYC for any of them, EXCEPT, the Partridge Silkies, those are $25.00 for the pair. If anybody is interested, you can pm me. I am close to Paintsville Ky and I cannot ship, sorry. The pullets are all about laying age already.

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