Eastern NC Coop for silkies


Mar 21, 2019
Zone 8a Washington, North Carolina
Hi. I'm looking at a resin storage shed for 3 silkie hens that I want to keep separate from my full size, territorial, chickens. I have several questions.

1) How many cubic feet should I plan for the hens and for their broods?
2) How tall should the shed be? I'm looking at either a 6x4 Horizontal refuse shed, or a 4.5 ft. W x 2.5 ft. D vertical Shed, or a 6' 7'' W x 2' 3'' D x 2' 5'' H desk box. I'm thinking the deck box would be too small. But then that's why I'm asking.
3) Will the deep litter method work for silkies that sleep on the ground?
4) What is the smallest door size to use to keep out the bigger girls?

I'd like to make a small door on the side wall for the hens to enter, and leave the existing doors to the outside for easy cleaning. Several staggered holes drilled around the roof line will increase ventilation. They will free range with the other ladies after acclimation but inside the same run, separated by some chicken wire, until then.
1. It's more about floor space area, not volume.
Room for nests, roosts, water, feed... plus open floor space.
Even the 6x4 might be tight quarters.
2. Tall enough to get in there and do what you need to do comfortably.
Height is good for ventilation up high, you may need more than a few holes.
3. Not sure about that, I do DL outside coop to keep coop drier.
4. That's gonna be hard, even tho the silkies are smaller I've had one of my smaller full grown hens get thru a 4x4" opening into the chick area.

Is this just for integration purposes....or long term?
Thank you!!!! It's for integration, then for segregating a broody silkie.
That makes it all easier.
Keep your run easy to split, maybe even make a permanent 'wall' with a larger door(big enough for you to pass thru) that can be opened or closed depending on the situation.
Thank you again. Well it looks like this is on hold until Dorian decides if she likes my neighborhood! We just got the hurricane warning. My girls will be fine. Their coop is a large chain link dog kennel attached to our boat building. It's weathered many a storm. Love my hubs for the forethought and location planning.

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