easy chicken food that makes chickens lay more eggs

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    put 3 tablespoons cayane pepper you can buy this at the dollar store. put 1/4 cups flax seed you can buy this at the dollar store put 1 cup regular chicken feed combine all of this stuff in a ziploc bag and shake the cayane pepper warms up the chickens insdes and caues the chicken to lay more eggs and the flax seed puts more omega 3 in the egg.the cayane pepper also makes the yolk a orange color. YOUR EGGS WILL TASTE LIKE A NORMAL EGG i got this recipe from a lady that has been feeding her chickens this for 50+ years just feed this to them as a treat about once a week
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    I would personally skip the cayenne pepper. My thinking......... If its too hot for me, then I would not feed to my chicks. Flax ....... OK.
    I would not give my chicks drugs or home concoctions to increase something that nature controls well. That is just my thinking. I'M sure there are peeps on both side of the fence on this issue.
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    Birds (including chickens) have very low sensitivity to capsaicin, the substance that causes the reaction to chilis and peppers in mammals. They can eat much, much spicier foods than us without feeling any burning or pain.

    On the other hand, I have been warned that feeding flaxseed as a staple regularly will lead to birds having trouble keeping weight on and proper condition.
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    I did not know that about flax seed - my ladies love flax seed as a treat.
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    Flax seed $1.49/lb
    Chicken Feed 25-35¢ /lb
  6. Chris09

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    How is this a "cheap feed"?
    By adding the Flax and Cayenne you depleted there nutritional intake.

    I will also say this, you are way over feeding Flax Seed (Linseed).
    Flax Seed should be if I remember correctly less than 4% of there diet. That would be 4 pounds to every 96 pounds of there regular poultry feed. Any more than that and you are running into health problems.

    If you want a cheap easy way to have, "omega 3 rich" eggs just feed them a good poultry feed that has fish meal in it and let them free range. If you cant do that then offer some (less than 5% of there diet) Hemp Seed, it is far healthier for them than Flax.
  7. SpringPeeper

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    Apr 5, 2014
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    It should be fine as a treat. I'll mix some in every now and then when I make the birds oatmeal for a treat.
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