Easy Chicken 'n' Rice

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    I took the backs & wings from 4 chickens I had processed and simmered them for a few hours in seasoned water. Then I took out the pieces and removed the meat from the bones, while taking the strained broth and making rice with it. When the rice was done I scrambled a few duck eggs and stirred it into the hot rice to cook. Then I added the chopped meat and a bag each of frozen baby broccoli and sliced carrots.

    That's our Chicken 'n' Rice! We like to season it with a little soy sauce before eating. There's enough for several dinners and also for Mister to take for lunches. My favorite kind of meal, with all your food groups represented in one bowl.
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    YUUUMMMMM, sounds like you need to put this on grandpa whats for dinner thread. I'm going to try this. Also everyone loves pictures of finished product. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Sounds delicious!
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    Sounds wonderful, we love anything with chicken and rice.

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