Easy live aquarium plants - Shipping included


10 Years
Jul 6, 2009
West Central Minnesota
10 Rotala indica stems 4"-6" long. Shipping included with a heat pack.


These are easy to grow live plants that don't need fancy lighting or CO2! Best yet is that fast growing live plants help keep the water clean and absorb ammonia!

The plants being offered have been grown in a 10 gallon aquarium with a pH of 8.3, hard water, a single CFL (6700K bulb) and heated in the mid to upper 70s. The substrate is a soil based topped with sand and bit of gravel. Liquid aquarium fertilizer used at half strength weekly with tablet fertilizer used when the plants start looking sickly and weekly water changes of 1/3 to 1/2. There is a HOB filter (with no filter material - DON'T USE CARBON WITH LIVE PLANTS) for circulation. You can plant them in gravel (personally I don't recommend them with under gravel filters), just don't clean the gravel with a siphon in the area of the plants so the plants can utilize those nutrients. This tank never has the gravel cleaned! Just partial water changes and trimming the plants occasionally! (Live plant tanks are great!)


When planting them, plant them individually. If you stuff them in the substrate in a clump all of the lower leaves will fall off. Any questions are welcome.

Payment through PayPal only.

Accidental critters that live in this tank that may end up on the plants are yellow shrimp and Malaysian trumpet snails. This is a fishless tank.
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